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FRP Car Wash Bay – Porsche


The new Porsche dealership is located on the corner of Route 50 and Stonecroft Boulevard in Chantilly. The new design showcases stunning architecture and includes a brand-new showroom and a service area with a series of wash bays

Porsche Chantilly

Elemy were tasked with providing a safe solution for the wash bay flooring. The brief from the client was that grating should be used as the wash bay floor to allow water to drain through, but this should still be suitable to walk on. Additionally, the grating must comply with the structural loads of vehicles and be able to cope with the chemicals used for car washing.

With this in mind, Elemy produced a series of detailed drawings and design calculations for the customer’s approval and subsequently began work on the project. The design involved the use of FRP open mesh grating, which sits above a series of FRP channels, all supported by height adjustable pedestal feet to allow for drainage.

Elemy’s mini mesh FRP grating has been installed, as the 19mm x 19mm (0.75” x 0.75”) apertures means water can easily drain through whilst still providing an easy surface to walk on. This prevents any build-up of water and subsequent flooding. The gritted surface of the grating also means the bays have a high slip resistance, a crucial factor for a wet working area. Additionally, the strength and durability of the grating means it is able to withstand the heavy vehicle loading weights.

frp car wash bay porsche
cleaning chemicals

Crucially, FRP is corrosion resistant and therefore will not rust or erode when in contact with the cleaning chemicals. FRP is a very lightweight material making for quick and easy install without the need for heavy lifting equipment. This made it ideal for this particular project to enable a quick install in a busy environment, without large machinery disrupting other trades and areas of the site. Furthermore, the long lifespan of FRP products and requirement for virtually no maintenance makes this a cost-effective solution.