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GRP Plate, Treads & Nosing

We have a wide range of gritted, anti-slip products which provide a safe, non-slip surface underfoot including GRP Plate, Stair Tread Covers, Stair Nosing and Tactile Paving. We also offer GRP Translucent Plate.

GRP Gritted Anti-Slip Plate

GRP Anti-Slip Plate is a lightweight, non-corrosive product and can withstand extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for a range of environments. The plate is available with a fine or medium gritted top, depending on the application. The gritted plate provides an effective anti-slip surface and can be used to create a safe walkway in hazardous environments. It is commonly used in many applications, such as: walkways, stair treads, landing areas, ramps, piers, pontoons and many more. It can also be used to create a solid/closed top surface on the top of existing open mesh grating. Made from Isophthalic Polyester, with phenolic options available. 

Standard Colours: Yellow, Grey, Black (other colours available upon request)

Plate Thickness: 2.5mm – 20mm available. Standard size of 4mm thick.

GRP Anti-Slip Stair Tread Cover

GRP Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers are a fast and cost effective way to create a solid top surface on pre-existing stairs. Made from gritted GRP plate, they provide an anti-slip surface, improving safety in busy footfall areas. They are lightweight, durable, corrosion and weather resistant. They are quick and easy to install on to existing stairs, making them the perfect cost-effective safety solution.

Safety: A hard wearing quartz gritted surface provides a high level of slip resistance R13 slip resistance according to DIN 51130). GRP gritted plate also gives a high PTV reading, indicating extremely low slip potential.

Standard Colours: Black, Black with yellow nosing, black with white nosing. Other colours are available upon request.

Standard Size: 345mm x 55mm. We offer a cut to length service.

GRP Anti-Slip Nosing

GRP Anti-Slip Stair Nosing is an easy to install, simple solution to stair safety. The gritted nosing provides a non-slip surface in wet and icy conditions, with a range of surfaces available dependent on use e.g. barefoot areas. The GRP nosing is easily added to existing stairs, creating a cost effective safety solution. Made from GRP, the nosing is extremely lightweight, yet strong, durable, and corrosion and UV resistant.

Safety: A hard wearing quartz gritted surface provides a high level of slip resistance (R13 slip resistance according to DIN 51130). A high PTV reading also indicates a low slip potential in wet, icy and oily conditions. The nosing’s chamfered back edge also eliminates trip hazards.

Equality Act Compliant: The Equality Act states that all stairs accessible by the public must have a contrasting colour, slip resistant nosing present (find out more). GRP anti-slip nosing is available in a range of colours, creating a quick, cost effective solution to stair safety. 

Standard Colours: Yellow, Black, White, Black and Yellow. Other colours are available upon request.

Standard Size: 55mm x 55mm. 70mm x 30mm available upon request. We offer a cut to length service.

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Anti-Slip Tactile Paving

Elemy also supply anti-slip tactile paving. A detectable contrast in texture underfoot can help a visually impaired person to move around more safely. A range of different tactile surfaces are available dependent on the application. Each one serves a different purpose and warns visually impaired users of a different type of hazard.

o Blister surface (e.g. for pedestrian crossing points)
o Corduroy hazard warning surface (e.g. for stairways)
o Platform edge blister warning surface
o Cycleway surface
o Guidance path surface

The tactiles are easily applied to most surfaces such as concrete, steel or GRP using a high quality adhesive. Available in grey, charcoal and yellow as standard, but can be manufactured in any colour.

GRP Translucent Plate

GRP Translucent Smooth Plate is manufactured using a high quality translucent resin and fibreglass. This makes the panels extremely strong (virtually indestructible), yet creates an aesthetically pleasing product that allows light transmission, creating a wide range of uses. GRP translucent panels are also available with a welded wire mesh encapsulated, resembling Georgian wire cast or plate glass. This also provides a physical and visual security deterrent. 

Light transmission of up to 83% is possible, dependent upon the thickness and surface texture selected. The thermal conductivity of translucent plate is significantly lower than glass, and panels are finished with an anti-UV film to guard against UV discolouration.

Plate Thickness: 2mm – 12mm 

Fire Rating: BS 476 Pt7 Class 1 or Class 2 options available

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