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GRP Decking Systems

GRP decking systems offer a quick and cost-effective access solution to suit a range of different applications, including platforms, walkways, and decked terraces.

WPC Decking

Wood Plastic Composite Decking is an alternative product to traditional wood decking. Made from a blend of wood and plastic, the decking is manufactured using 90% recycled material. The decking is durable, anti-slip, and unlike wood it will not splinter. This makes it a safe and reliable option for outdoor decking in gardens, balconies and on terraces. Unlike wood, WPC composite decking does not rot or require treatment. It is therefore a low maintenance and cost-effective solution. The decking has a hidden and secure grooved fixing system. This gives a seamless design finish, but also allows the boards to naturally expand and contract. 

Standard Colours: Black, mid-grey, light grey, teak and mahogany. Reversible finish of either grooved or soft grain. 

Size: Hollow sanded boards 3600mm x 143mm x 23mm. Fascia boards 3600mm x 72mm x 11mm.

40mm Pultruded Plank Decking

Pultruded Plank Decking is a 40mm thick Isophthalic Polyester resin GRP decking panel. It has a tongue and groove joint / male and female connectors along the length of the panel that creates a sealable joint between the lengths of the profile. The decking provides a solid top with a gritted anti-slip surface, offering a safe solution for busy foot traffic areas. It is commonly used for pedestrian bridge decking, GRP walkways, and mezzanine floors. It is also commonly used in the water industry where there is a need to prevent water penetration e.g., wastewater treatment plants.

GRP decking panels have a high strength-to-weight ratio. As a lightweight material, they are easy to transport and install yet still withstand substantial loading capacities. Additionally, the decking is anti-corrosive, UV stable, and will not splinter or rot. Pultruded plank decking is capable of greater spans than solid top open moulded grating and has a lower panel weight per m².

Standard Colours: RAL 701 (Silver grey)

Size: 6000mm x 500mm, 3660mm x 500mm upon request

41mm GRP Solid Top Decking

41mm Solid Top Decking comprises of a standard 38mm open mesh GRP panel, finished with a 3mm gritted plate and 4 sides fully bound. High strength and lightweight, they are often specified instead of open mesh gratings for safety reasons, such as preventing contamination to surfaces below. The hard gritted surface of the top plate provides a robust anti-slip surface that is ideal for pedestrian use in busy footfall areas, or for factory walkways and platforms to prevent objects falling below. Solid top GRP is also up to 80% lighter than alternative materials such as concrete. It is therefore easy to install and maintain, creating a cost-effective solution for many applications.

As solid top grating is produced using a moulded method, it is not quite as capable of the high loading capacity and longer spans of pultruded plank decking. However, solid top grating has a lower cost per sqm, and is readily available ex-stock in the UK, making it a quick and cost-effective solution for many applications.

Standard Colours: Yellow RAL 1003, Light Grey RAL 7047, Dark Grey RAL 7043, Green RAL 6017

Size: 3660mm x 1220mm, 3000mm x 1000mm

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