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Unrivalled Slip Resistance with GRP Stair Treads

Stairs are meant to lead us upward, not send us tumbling downward. That’s where Elemy’s GRP anti-slip stair treads come into play – as your steadfast partners in the ascent to a safer and more secure world.

What sets Elemy’s GRP Anti-slip-tread covers apart is their impressive slip resistance. With a hard-wearing quartz gritted surface, they achieve an R13 slip resistance rating according to DIN 51130 standards. This high PTV (Pendulum Test Value) reading indicates an extremely low slip potential, ensuring that youor your customers can confidently navigate the stairs without fear of slipping.

GRP Stair Treads - A Cost-Effective Safety Solution

Safety should never be a compromise, and we understand that. Our GRP anti-slip stair tread covers are a fast and cost-effective way to enhance the safety of new and pre-existing stairs. Made from a gritted GRP plate, these covers provide an anti-slip surface that significantly improves safety in busy footfall areas.

Stair Treads Tailored to Your Needs

Elemy offers a range of options to suit your specific requirements. The standard colours includeblack with yellow nosing and black with white nosing. If you have a specific colour in mind to match your decor or branding, Elemy can accommodate your request. The standard size is 345mm x 55mm, but they also offer a convenient cut-to-length service, making customization a breeze.

Easy Installation, Durable Results

One of the standout features of Elemy’s GRP anti-sliptread covers is their ease of installation. They can be quickly and easily applied to existing stairs, making them the perfect solution for a wide range of environments. Whether you’re enhancing the safety of your home, a public building, or an industrial facility, Elemy’s stair tread covers have you covered.

Built to Last

These stair tread covers are not only lightweight but also built to last. They are corrosion and weather-resistant, ensuring that they maintain their effectiveness even in challenging outdoor conditions. Plus, their durability means that you won’t have to worry about frequent replacements, saving you time and money in the long run.

Whether your stairs are indoors or exposed to the elements outdoors, Elemy’s GRP anti-sliptread covers are unyielding in the face of corrosion. The materials used are specifically chosen to resist the corrosive effects of moisture, chemicals, and other environmental factors. This corrosion resistance ensures that even in damp or chemically exposed areas, your stair covers will remain sturdy and effective.

Accessibility for All

Elemy’s commitment to safety goes beyond preventing slips and falls. Their GRP anti-sliptread covers are designed to be safe for those with visual impairments. The high-contrast colour options with yellow or white nosing provide clear visual cues, allowing everyone to navigate the stairs with confidence.

Elemy’s commitment to inclusivity extends to adhering to accessibility standards and regulations. Whether you’re upgrading a residential staircase or outfitting a commercial building, Elemy’s products align with accessibility guidelines to ensure that your space is welcoming and user-friendly to everyone.

In a world where safety and functionality often take centre stage, Elemy’s GRP anti-sliptread coversare practical, robust and long lasting. With a robust gritted surface that excels in slip resistance, these covers ensure that every step you take on the stairs is steady and secure.

Don’t wait for accidents to happen – take proactive steps to ensure safety with Elemy’s GRP anti-sliptread covers.. Your stairs will not only be safer but also stylish and accessible to all. Elevate your space and elevate safety with Elemy!


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