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Steel Stair Treads

A strong and robust steel stair tread, commonly used for platform or fire escape stairs. We hold a range of stock sizes or can supply specific to your requirements.

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Steel Stair Treads

Open mesh steel stair treads have a wide variety of uses including platform stairs and fire escapes. Supplied pre-fabricated and galvanised with end plates and anti-slip octopus nosing. Nosing can also be supplied yellow, commonly used to highlight a safe access route.

Standard stock sizes:

800mm x 250mm, 800mm x 283mm, 1000mm x 250mm, 1000mm x 283mm

Ball Proof Options:

Compliant 20mm ball proof and 35mm ball proof options available alongside standard 41/100 pitch

Data sheets and load tables are available upon request.

Steel stair treads are a critical component in the design and construction of industrial, commercial, and residential structures, offering durability, safety, and versatility.

Innovative Applications of Steel Stair Treads

Steel stair treads are not limited to conventional uses; they find application in a variety of innovative and unconventional settings. For instance, they are used in modern architectural designs to create visually striking staircases that serve as focal points in homes and commercial spaces. Beyond aesthetics, these treads are employed in harsh industrial environments where resistance to heavy loads and corrosive substances is paramount. They are also integral in outdoor settings, such as parks and outdoor arenas, where durability and resistance to weather elements are crucial.

Customisation and Design Flexibility

One of the benefits of steel stair treads is their customisation and design flexibility. They can be fabricated to fit any staircase design, from spiral to straight configurations. This allows designers to incorporate them into any style, from traditional to contemporary. Additionally, the surface pattern and finish of steel treads can be customised to enhance grip, contributing to safer stairways, especially in high-traffic or wet conditions.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety is an important consideration in the design of staircases, and steel stair treads offer superior safety features. The incorporation of anti-slip surfaces, such as serrated patterns or applied coatings, greatly reduces the risk of slips and falls. Furthermore, the high load-bearing capacity of steel ensures that the treads can withstand heavy foot traffic and the impact of dropped objects without deformation, maintaining structural integrity and safety over time.

Ease of Maintenance and Durability

Steel stair treads are renowned for their ease of maintenance and long-lasting durability. Their ability to resist wear and tear and their non-porous nature make them easy to clean and maintain, requiring only minimal upkeep to keep them looking their best. Unlike other materials that may need regular treatment or replacement, steel treads stand the test of time, providing a cost-effective solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The material versatility allows for the creation of staircases that are not only functional but also contribute significantly to the overall design narrative of a space. Steel stair treads are a superior choice for a wide range of applications, offering durability, safety, and flexibility in design. Their ability to be customised, combined with their environmental benefits and ease of maintenance, makes them an indispensable element in modern construction and design projects.

The importance of adhering to stringent safety standards

In response to the rising concerns for workplace safety, particularly for those working in hazardous environments, Elemy recognises the importance of adhering to safety standards. Two British standards, specifically BS4592-0: 2006 +A1: 2012 and BS EN 14122-1:2016, underline the safety parameters surrounding the opening sizes of mesh grating. These standards are instrumental in safeguarding the well-being of individuals. Elemy’s commitment to these standards is evident in our capability to custom-fabricate solutions that not only align with these regulatory frameworks but also bolster the safety infrastructure of any workspace. Our bespoke fabrication service enables us to tailor our offerings, including our range of GRP gratings and solid top gratings, to meet the unique demands of each project, ensuring safety and compliance with national and international safety directives.

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