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Why GRP Grating Is The Ultimate Choice For Safe Walkways

Why GRP Grating Is The Ultimate Choice For Safe Walkways:

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) is a top choice when it comes to providing safe and durable access walkways and platforms. Used for a variety of applications, there are several key benefits that make GRP a game changer!


GRP Grating

Benefits of GRP Flooring:


GRP is available in a lot of varieties. There are different thicknesses, mesh size options and panel sizes to suit many different uses.

Open mesh GRP grating is an ideal flooring option as the open mesh allows light to travel through. This makes it the ideal material for mezzanine flooring, risers, and any other areas where light is limited. The small openings also allow for the drainage of liquid and debris, particularly in outdoor environments.  Alternatively, solid top flooring options are also used where a closed surface is required e.g. areas where small wheels or high heels are worn.

Ball proof flooring options:

GRP grating mesh is available in ball proof mesh sizes to ensure you comply with British Standard BS4592-0: 2006 +A1: 2012 and BS EN 14122-1:2016 for working platforms and walkways. This makes it a comparable alternative to steel grating.

Standard GRP mesh is 35mm ball proof. This can be used for walkways and trenches where personnel occasionally pass below, but do not work underneath.

Mini mesh is 20mm ball proof grating. This can be used for walkways and trenches where personnel regularly pass below and are working underneath. This of particular importance if machinery and working areas are located directly under the flooring.



Elemy’s GRP flooring has a gritted anti-slip surface. This creates a safe walking surface and prevents any slips and trips, making GRP the perfect flooring option – particularly for areas exposed to wet and icy conditions.


GRP is extremely lightweight, making it easier to handle onsite. This also results in cheaper transportation of GRP.


Durability is a strong point of GRP, it is very strong and can withstand wear and pressure, this makes it ideal for extreme conditions such as oil and gas or coastal areas.

UV & Corrosion Resistance:

GRP grating will not rot or rust – this makes it an excellent sustainable choice for the environment as it is long lasting, so you don’t need to worry about having to replace it. It’s UV resistance ensures the colour is maintained, so no matter the weather conditions, GRP is a must for outdoor applications.

Easy installation & fabrication:

With GRP being so lightweight, this makes installation easier, quicker, and safer. It is also easily cut with handheld tools meaning no hot metal work is required on site.


Unlike steel, GRP does not conduct electricity which increases insulation and improves the level of safety.

Eco friendly:

Due to GRP’s long-life span and as it is corrosion resistant, this reduces material waste and replacements. This is excellent for sustainability.

Versatility in design:

GRP’s flexibility allows engineers to be more creative with designs. GRP comes in many different colour options. Our standard stock is: Light grey, dark grey, green and yellow although any colour option can be manufactured to order. The bright coloured options such as yellow are perfect for highlighting safety routes and increasing visibility of steps and edges.

GRP In Use:

–    A Marina fitted with our anti-slip GRP grating. This will improve the safety of the marina walkway and prevent any slipping due to the GRP’s excellent grit top surface.

– GRP flooring on a structural platform

– GRP car wash bay

– GRP flooring with a hi-vis yellow nonslip edging bar

grp flooring
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