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GRP Solid Top Grating

Comprised of open mesh grating finished with a solid top plate to give a closed top grating. Commonly used to provide an anti-slip surface in both industrial and commercial applications

Grey solid top GRP grating panels. 38mm thick open mesh with 3mm thick plate on top.
a small piece of black gritted solid top GRP grating
Yellow solid top GRP panels used to create a bright and anti-slip walkway through a site area

GRP Solid Top Grating

Solid top GRP panels are made of standard open mesh grating finished with a solid 3mm top plate. The top plate is gritted, creating an anti-slip surface ideal for pedestrian use. High strength and lightweight, they are often specified over open mesh gratings for safety reasons, such as preventing contamination to surfaces below. The closed top also creates an easier surface to walk over, particularly for wheels.

Solid top grating offers a strong and durable surface that is corrosion resistant and anti-slip due to the hard-gritted surface of the top plate. GRP solid top is up to 80% lighter than alternative materials such as concrete. It is therefore easy to install and maintain, creating a cost-effective solution for many applications.
Panel Thickness:
28mm (25mm mesh + 3mm plate), 41mm (38mm mesh + 3mm plate), 53mm (50mm mesh + 3mm plate)
Panel Sizes Available:
3000mm x 1000mm, 3660mm x 1220mm
Gritted, Concave
Ball Proof available:
Closed Top
Yellow RAL 1003, Light Grey RAL 7047, Dark Grey RAL 7043, Green RAL 6017 We offer a range of fixing clips, specifically suited to each grating type and its application. Please contact us for more advice on the most suitable solution for your requirements. Product data sheets and load tables for solid top grating are available upon request.

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GRP Solid Top Grating