Forge Welded Grating

A strong and robust product with twisted bars that create an anti-slip metal grating.

a rendered image of metal forge welded grating
many forge welded metal grating panels stored on top of each other
a rendered image of forge welded grating

Forge Welded Grating

Forge Welded Open Mesh Grating is a very strong and robust product which is excellent for industrial applications such as platforms, landings and walkways. Twisted steel bars are pressed into the bearing bars and welded; this gives the product a high loading capacity as the bearing bars do not weaken due to the welding process. The twisted bars also create an anti-slip effect, making the product ideal for a range of different applications. 

We stock open mesh steel grating mats in both a standard 41/100 pitch along with alternative ball proof options.



Sizes Available:

Standard 6m x 1m panels or fabrication available

Ball Proof:

20mm ball proof and 35mm ball proof grating options available


Self Colour, Galvanised

We offer a range of fixing clips, specifically suited to each grating type and its application. Please contact us for more advice on the most suitable solution for your requirements.

Data sheets and load tables are available upon request.

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Forge Welded Grating